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Independent publishers based in Wairarapa, New Zealand

Seventh book from Gosson -  Out 24 November

In 1963, Masterton Public Relations Officer Len Bergman came up with a great idea of how to bring tourists and recognition to the town. An ambitious sporting spectacle staged over two weeks consisting of 40 sports and talent from all over the country including the great Peter Snell. Rugby, cricket and basketball were on one side and ballroom dancing, surfing and living chess were on the other, it was an entertaining and diverse group pf events.

The Masterton Golden Games were the start of a proposed biennial festival which would help put Masterton on the map. From rugby to living chess and from local sportspeople to Peter Snell, the 1963 Golden Games were an event well worth celebrating and a proud moment of our history.

To be released 27 November online and in bookshops

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“Remember to always dream. More importantly, work hard to make those dreams come true and never give up”

Robert Ballard

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